Skateboard Themed Accessories for Teens

Skateboard themed accessories for teens are the ideal way for your teen to exert their decorative creativity in his or her personal space.

After all, teens have a way of claiming and decorating space like no one else can.

For skateboard lovers there are a number of unique skateboard themed accessories for teens that can be used to decorate their bedrooms or other space.

First is a helmet, did you know now there is a helmet that you can draw on and do custom design everytime you use it? Yup! Check it out here.

If helmets are not your thing then there are also backpacks that you can get! Especially the ones that help you carry your boards easily.

One of the favorites among the collection of skateboard themed accessories for teen is the Skateboard Speaker Shelf available in a pink pattern for girls and a brown pattern for buys.

The Skateboard Speaker Shelf can be used in several ways. For one, this item can be stored on top of the self, while the front stores an iPod. Accessories included with the shelf are easy-mount French cleats, two 5″ speakers, and a built-in 30-pin dock for the iPod.

This unique item is definitely a favorite of all of skateboard themed accessories and it retails for $179.00.

Get organized with the Skateboard Themed Row of Hooks designed to hold small lightweight items such as hats, bags, sweatshirts and other clothes item. Available in a pink and orange stripe the list price is $49.00.

Other great Skateboard Themed Accessories for kids include the Skateboard Shelf, which measures approximately 31″ long x 8″ deep and is sturdy enough to hold books and other collectible items. Available in either natural or navy the Skateboard Shelf retails for $39.99.

Other cool Skateboard Themed Accessories include Skateboard Magazine Pockets designed for boys and girls. The design for the girls comes in pastel colors and is approximately 31 x 4.5 x 8″high.

The Skateboard Magazine Pockets look very authentic to the design of a skateboard. The retail price for this unique item is $79.00.

The Skateboard Magazine Pockets for boys is also 31 x 4.5 x 8″ high and is also made with authentic skateboard construction, with fancy graphics, and is available in brown and blue tones. The retail price for the guys Skateboard Magazine Pockets is $79.00.

If looking for a little bit of art to add to the walls, the collection of Skateboard Themed Accessories also includes a unique group of Mix & Match Wall Art for guys. All sold individually and decpicting just about every sport, this is a great piece to add to a teen’s room.

Staying true to the skateboard themed, the wall art of the skateboarder is $25.00 each.

Skateboard themed accessories for teens that enjoy skateboarding either personally or as onlookers of competition will get a kick out of the above mentioned decorative items. Visit PBteen for more information and decorating ideas with skateboard themed accessories for teens.