Going Back To Skateboarding

A long time ago I used to love skateboarding and I would do it anywhere anytime. Overtime I lost interest and somewhere my skateboarding days were left behind.

Not anymore though as I have recently gone back to my skateboarding days and I am all ready to start skateboarding again.

This time however I decided to become a blogger and share my experiences and love for skateboarding with the world.

First of all, I will be building my own skateboard. Its not because of the cost but because of the experience and the fact that it is quite easy to do so.

Also it is a lot of fun and you get to chill and build something to your liking while working hard in a workshop.

All I need are some bearings for skateboard, a deck and some wheels. I can buy the entire thing for about $50 and pimp it out to exactly to my liking and have it ready in a day or maximum two days.

Once I have built my skateboard my goal will be to start building the second one. Actually I want to build 5 and just have choices on the ride that I am going for and the style that I want to pick.

One of my friends is also a designer so she can really design my boards to uniqueness and then I can cut them out and make them superb to what they should be.

Once I have 5 boards ready, I will have to brush up on my riding skills after which I will be able to say what more needs to be done.

So far this is all that I have thought of apart from that I have also setup this website and that I am looking forward to writing on it more, but just incase I am not able to reach out to me via twitter or something.

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